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  • 31-Mar-2019

  • 5 M

You decide to sell your 45 Ethereum. Here's what the trade looks like:

SELL 45 Ethereum (ETH) @ unit price of 0.0444 Bitcoin (BTC)
(Total Return = 2 Bitcoin, Woohoo!)

How Much Did You Make?

You have made a PROFIT of ONE whole Bitcoin! But have you made an overall profit from your trade? If you're not careful, you might mistakenly think that you've made $9,000 worth of US dollars from your trade but here's what really happened.

When you purchased Ethereum, you purchased it with Bitcoin so in a sense you also sold Bitcoin at the same time. CHAINOMETRY records this as a realisation as a result of a release. So here's what would happen in CHAINOMETRY:

 BUY 45 ETH @ unit price of B 0.0222
(Record LOSS realisation $-9000 USD)
(Record LOSS realisation FEES $-14 USD)

 SELL 45 ETH @ unit price of B 0.0444
(Record PROFIT realisation 1 Bitcoin ~ ($9000 USD))
(Record LOSS realisation FEES $-14 USD)

Overall Profit/Loss = -$28 USD

You actually made an overall loss of $28 US dollars. That's a big difference from an almost profit of $9000 US dollars if you don't take into account the release of currency for purchase. The calculation engine does this for every purchase you make with non fiat-bound crypto-currency. Imagine doing it by hand!

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