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What Our Members say

I really like the touch and feel of the CHAINOMETRY.

It has saved me so much time and effort on working out my exact trading position. I give 10 of 10 of the company developed such brilliant app.

George Z.H

Entrepreneur in banking and accounting

Amazing crypto accounting software system.

Easy to follow, has saved me time, money and received excellent support to complement this product.

Juan T

Personal Trainer and Investor

CHAINOMETRY saved me thousands on my tax bill.

There was nothing out there that was as accurate for processing thousands of trades,

Steve S


CHAINOMETRY had the most secure and accurate reporting system for extremely complex crypto needs.

I just loved the way the software took out all of the complexity and provided me with everything I needed. Highly recommended.

James Le

Software developer

This crypto accounting software is the best of its kind

..and more importantly, the support I've received has been exceptional.

Brandon C


Their support team helped me every step of the way with my complex crypto data.

There was no other solution that could get the result I needed for my tax return.

Enrique E

High Management

How it works

Connect your wallets and exchanges

Add unlimited accounts from all your exchanges and wallets. Using smart chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain or Cardano? No problem, we'll bring in your transfers to other currencies and keep those balances automatically.

Automatically import your transaction history

Start adding your trade, deposit, and withdrawal data. We can connect directly to the exchange or blockchain, or we can import data from Excel or CSV files. The best part? We can do this automatically for you so you don't have to stuff around with getting data manually like most other systems.

Generate your tax report

Create multiple tax reports for all your years of trading at no additional cost. We break down your realisations into long term and short term capital gains to reduce your tax bill. Generate income via staking or interest payments? No problem, we have you covered and these will all be summarised on your report. Your accountant will love seeing your closing balances for your assets across all your exchanges and wallets in one place.

Track your financial status using our free analytics

Not just a tax report. Use the power of analytics to see how you performed on separate exchanges or across your whole portfolio. Ever wondered how much profit you would have made investing in the NASDAQ, Gold or just Bitcoin alone? Analytics is your answer. We place every trade you made in one of these categories and compare that to your performance on a beautiful chart. The best part is that all this is included at no extra charge.

Corporate Hub

Corporate Hub

Are you a business, perhaps with multiple entities, investing in crypto? Or perhaps you have a personal account and a self managed super fund?

You've come to the best place to solve your accounting and tax reporting needs.

What Matters Most

Set and forget with automation

Schedule your imports from exchanges and wallets so you don't have to do it manually. Get an email report summarising your imported data.

Minute-to-Minute Price Data

Our price archive contains minute-to-minute trade data providing the most accurate price possible for your assets and currencies.

Your data is secure and protected with end-to -end encryption

2048bit SSL encryption end-to-end whenever you use any of our services. We don't allow access to any third parties and your data is never shared.

Customise or create unlimited trading accounts and tax reports as you need

You can separate your data into trading accounts. One for each exchange or even many for each exchange. Also, you can produce tax reports for as many tax years as you need with all your transaction history in one place.

Keep track of all your transactions with our newly-released analytics and it's free of charge!

Visualize your trading performance with beautiful and powerful charts.Analytics brings you power not seen in other tax calculators or even exchanges.

Fix issues with your data

We will highlight any issues with your data like a sale or purchase without existing funds. CHAINOMETRY is a double entry accounting system so every coin and transaction will be accounted for. We won't let you import the same data set twice. You can choose different opinions for handling these fixes + we'll also alert you if we suspect a record might be duplicate.The control is in your hands.

Easily manage your wallets on the blockchain

View all your transactions on your favourite wallets like Ethereum, Binance and Cardano (just to name a few). We will also import data like staking and other income as well as transfers to other cryptocurrencies. Tag these as income or expenses so they get added to your tax positions.

Our Pledge to Give Back

We believe that it's always good to give back and support those in need, the environment and earth animals. See our pledge to find out more

Support powerful integrations and exchanges.

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Still not sure? We can help answer any questions you may have.

Choose your package based on the number of trades, deposits and withdrawals you have across all your exchanges and wallets.

Yes! You can always upgrade to a bigger plan if you need to process more crypto transactions. Just pay the difference in price between the two plans.

Yes! You can add transactions from any period to your account. You are not limited to any one financial year and the best part is that you can produce tax reports for all years since 2017.

We will import data from your exchanges without the need for csv or excel files. Some plans do it on a recurring basis. Just set and forget.

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