How to redeem your discount

1. Use your Cardano wallet's delegation center (we recommend Daedalus) to search for our stake pool, CTL

Ensure that you have the correct pool id: pool13s6u5zjngelr5uddhqygqqf5tcup0g3ajenma6amy9zuu7e97gm

2. Delegate your stake of at least 5,000 ADA to our stake pool.

Once it becomes active move to step 3. Your stake becomes active after a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 10 days (2 epochs).

3. Contact us to get a special wallet address to send a minimum amount of ADA (1 ADA)

This ensures that you say who your are as you are the only person that can send ADA from that address. We will use that address to confirm you have delegated your ADA to our stake pool. Make sure you send from the same address as your wallet address used for staking. All delegators to our stake pool can be viewed on ada pools and on pool tool

Once we receive your deposit we can verify that your address has staked with us and we will send a special one time coupon code which will only be usable for your account.

* Interest values will vary month to month but will usually average out to 5.5% over time.
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Our Stake Pool (CTL)

The CTL stake pool is now Live and producing blocks and proudly supporting the Cardano decentralised network. Please consider supporting us and delegating your Cardano to our stake pool. As an appreciation for staking with us you will receive heavy discounts on your purchase.

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