Getting Started with the Most Advanced Crypto Tax Calculator

  • 31-Mar-2019

  • 2 M

Step 3 - Importing Your Data

The core function of the system is to gather all your data from all the different exchanges and report on them in one place. We encourage you to include deposits and withdrawals as well as your trades as this will give you a more accurate picture of your financial position.

You have several options for data import on CHAINOMETRY:
File import allows you to add data using files that you have exported from your exchange. These can be in the form of csv files or excel files.

API import is the second option you have for adding data to your trading accounts. With API import CHAINOMETRY connects directly to the exchange and downloads the data for you. This is the most convenient option for you all you need to do is generate read-only API keys so that we can connect to the exchange. See Trading Accounts

Finally you can enter data manually into CHAINOMETRY. These include trades, deposits and withdrawals. This is handy for over the counter trades or when the exchange does not allow exports.

Step 4 - Check your Transactions and Reporting

Use the transactions section to view all of your imported transactions and detailed information about their cost basis, fees and any issues found.

Use the report section to request a report. There's a significant amount of processing that takes place to build your ledger and generate a report. Reports can take up to 24 hours to generate and send depending on the load on the server. You will receive an email notification when your report is ready to view.

Once you have uploaded your data you can start to view your realisations. There are a variety of reports each with a different level of detail. The Activity statement provides an overview of your assets and their profits or losses, fees and the total, overall position of all your trading.

The other reports give you much more detail, you can see the profit or loss for each individual trade, realisations from releasing crypto currencies and each fee. See Report Manager

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